Oct. 7, 2021

Krys Bailey, Thespian, Theatre Owner, Cool Cat

Krys Bailey, Thespian, Theatre Owner, Cool Cat
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Want to know how a speakeasy became the coolest hotbed of new theatre in Augusta? Want to know the place to be for shows, film, stage plays, and this Halloween's awesome and maybe a little crazy, maybe a little weird, but definitely fun Black Cat Carnival? One of my favorite people, Krys Bailey Executive Director of Le Chat Noir, stops by to talk about this season, homesteading, and more.

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Black Cat Picture Show Film Festival 

Schrodinger's Cat Improv 


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Krys BaileyProfile Photo

Krys Bailey

Executive Director

When I realized what theatre could be, I never wanted to do anything else. After 31 years of being a performing arts professional, I've gotten some high profile gigs, won some awards, but what I'm most proud of is Le Chat Noir. Making that place has been like cultivating an orchid in a desert at times, but it has become much more than just a place or a program; its a family, a large one, comprised of the most extraordinary people in the CSRA. And when we are there together, "impossible" doesn't exist.