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So many reasons to listen!

First off, Big Robb has the perfect radio voice. His broadcasting experience also means the audio quality is like something you’ll hear on some of the biggest pods out there. But most of all, I love that Robb takes his everyday connections to show us all that even on the dark days, there are things…

A real podcast for real people

I’ve never heard a podcast with more authenticity. Out of all the self development podcasts out there, this one is so organic. It’s so refreshing to hear real everyday people who have gone through trials and tribulations and have come out on the other end full of relatable wisdom. The host has a g…

The warmest pick-me-up for your Thursday!

Take time each week to Chew the Fat with Robb: It’s a big warm hug for your ears. He does an excellent job of giving his guests a generous platform and bringing mental health to the forefront, all while totally normalizing this potentially difficult topic. 10/5 stars ;)

Keeping it genuine, honest, and real

I’m so excited for this podcast! Robb’s ability to comfortably approach the subjects we like to shy away from, but all relate to is astounding! He puts the guests at ease, which makes the listener feel at ease. Robb and his guests gift listeners with the positivity we need in the world, while keepi…

Line for fan club starts here!

I envy Robb’s ability to sound so natural and calming. I am absolutely excited to hear him talk with guests and share perspective, stories, and learn about life. Robb has an awesome talent at describing things, talking to people, and bringing out the humanity in a conversation. Look forward to chil…

This show has legs!

Robb sounds great and has an approachable way about him. Really looking forward to how this show progressing and listening to the talks with various guests. - Regular Human Podcast Listener

Fun show

This is going to be a fun ride! Thanks for putting this all together!

So glad he started this pod!

Robb is a legit broadcaster who has a great message to share with the world! Subscribe now!

Chewing the fast is delicious!

An amazing dialogue around life, happiness, food and unpacking sadness while providing solutions! I highly recommend it to others! Great job Robb ❤️