Chewing The Fat

Chewing The Fat

Everyone has a story to tell and sometimes the writing of our stories leads us in to some dark places. Here we explore those beautiful, messy, human stories and what people just like you are doing to help keep the darkness at bay. I'm glad you found us. Sit a spell, stay positive, and let’s chew the fat.

Recent Episodes

Matt Cassem, Creative, Writer, Podcaster

Feb. 9, 2023

Welcome to Season 3! Thank you so much for being here! Have you ever had those times when your mind just won't stop racing? It happens everyday for my guest Matt Cassem as he lives with ADD but he has learned to harness what…

Guest: Matt Cassem

Christmas '22 - Bite Size: 005

Dec. 23, 2022

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Thank YOU!!! I appreciate you so much for listening to another season of the podcast and for striving to keep the darkness at bay. My gift to you this season are the words of Christmas Be…

Michelle Mitchell, Radio Veteran, Dog Rescuer, Proud Mom

Dec. 20, 2022

Whether you realize it or not asking for what you want and not taking less is always the right move. Hear how that originally naive idea has served Michelle Mitchell well for years and how the need to be near family lead her…

Sam Rogers, Philanthropist, TV Veteran, Dead Head

Nov. 19, 2022

Stress from a job sometimes becomes more than the paycheck is worth, so you have to do something. That happened to our guest this week and he found a way to merge his love for music and doing for others into something that m…

Guest: Sam Rogers

Halloween '22 - Bite Size: 004

Oct. 31, 2022

Happy Halloween! For this spooky Bite Size episode we play a scary round of Fast Five and I give you a dramatic reading of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Enjoy and Trick or Treat safely! Check out my short film based on the t…

Scott Seidl, Director, Choreographer, Writer

Oct. 11, 2022

Have you ever wondered if you've wasted your best years doing something you aren't passionate about? My guest Scott Seidl did and he decided to chase his dreams and they took him all over the world but not without their days…

Guest: Scott Seidl

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Big Robb Smith


I was born and raised in Augusta, GA. I started in radio by interning at a local rock station, WRXR, while I was still in high school. My first paying radio gig out of school was in Greenville, SC doing Saturday mornings. I barely made enough money to pay for the gas to get me back and forth on the 5 hour round trip to do my show but I had been bitten by not only the radio bug but the entertainment bug! I loved entertaining and getting to know people. I bounced around from station to station, as you do, for years. Picking up stories and perspectives along the way. I probably learned the most about how to treat people who are your listeners from the time I spent in Birmingham, AL producing the Patti & Dollar Bill morning show on WDXB. They were true radio legends and it was a privilege to learn from them and an honor to call them friends. From there I moved back to Augusta to be closer to family. You can often find me on stage with one of the great theatre groups here in town. I can also be seen and heard in several television commercials nationally and you might even catch a glimpse of me in some movies too. I love photography, cooking, and my pup, Magnolia the Malshi.