Nov. 25, 2021

Myrna Sue, Nurse, Firecracker, My Mom

Myrna Sue, Nurse, Firecracker, My Mom

Happy Thanksgiving! As we gather around the table and think about the things and people we are thankful for, I am thankful for you. Thank you for spending some of your time with me and listeneing to real people tell thier beautiful, messy, human stories. I am also infinitely thankful for my mom Myrna Sue, for her influence, instruction, care, love, and so much more. I've invited her to come on the show to talk about her life and Thanksgivings past, the trials of single motherhood, and lessons learned along the way. I hope you enjoy. Much love.


1-2 packages of store brand chocolate chip cookies

1-2 tubs of cool whip

1 cup of milk

Pour milk in a bowl. Submerge individual cookies in milk for 3 seconds then layer in a 9x13 pan. Repeat until bottom is covered. spread a layer of cool whip ovr cookies to cover. Repeat layering with dipping cookies and spreading cool whip until pan is full, finish with a layer of cool whip and then crumble 2-3 NON dipped cookies on to as garnish. Refrigerate for 2 hours to allow the milk to soften cookies and the whole thing to set. Scoop out some awesome and enjoy! 

Note: the crunchy store brand cookies really do work better in this dish.


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Mom (Myrna Sue) Profile Photo

Mom (Myrna Sue)

Mom / Nurse / Firecracker

Myrna had a long and fulfilling career as an Operating Room nurse at the former Saint Joseph’s Hospital (now University Hospital Summerville). She loved volunteering to work with the kids (and many other groups) at her home church of Crawford Ave Baptist when she was able. She touts one of her greatest accomplishments as having raised Robb.