Aug. 19, 2021

Jaye Starkes, Actor, Writer, Director

Jaye Starkes, Actor, Writer, Director
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Ever wonder how someone from a small town breaks on to the big screen? Have you ever beaten yourself up after an audition knowing you were right for the role but didn't get cast? This week's guest Jaye Starkes takes us on the rollercoaster ride that is being a working actor and pursuing a career in the film industry.

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See some of Jaye's work and follow the progress of his feature film Jon here

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Jaye StarkesProfile Photo

Jaye Starkes

Actor, Director, Writer, Producer & Podcaster

Jaye is an award winning Actor, Director, Writer, Producer & Podcaster. He has been doing theatre and film for a little over 11 years preforming in numerous stage roles such as CLYBOURNE PARK, THE FLICK, MOTHERF**KER WITH THE HAT! and TOPDOG/UNDERDOG; he has Directed well known full length stage plays for Le Chat Noir such as Jonh Pollono's SMALL ENGINE REPAIR & RULES OF SECONDS, LES DANGEROUS LIAISONS, THE LAST FIVE YEARS & CURIOUS CASE OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME When not Acting or Directing for the stage; you can find him Writing, Directing, and Producing short films for his film production company JADEPhenix Entertainment. Totaled, Jaye, has written, produced and directed a total of 12 short films (AT NIGHT, DIABLE EN BOITE i make a few) and 2 commercials for the BLACK CAT PICTURE SHOW festival. He is currently embarking on producing and directing his first feature film JON in Augusta Georgia.