June 3, 2021

The Big Red Button

The Big Red Button
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Hi! I'm Big Robb and this has been a long time coming to get to this point. I have worked in radio and televison for over 20 years, been on stages in huge arenas, been on sets with celebrities, recorded comercials for national brands, but this has to be one of my greatest accomplishments... I finally hit the "Big Red Button"! Haha! I hope you will come along with me weekely as I talk with guests about life, art, and culture... and we dive in to how they stay positive and keep the dark at bay. So sit a spell and let's chew the fat.


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Well, I suppose I got a hit record for this thing to work. Well, if you can hear me, I got a hit record.

Welcome to Episode Zero. It's the intro, the teaser for Chewing the Fat. I mean, I was Big Robb. It's a show where we just do a little talking about life, music, art, food, whatever else keeps the dark at bay. It's a city spell. Stay positive, unless Chewing the Fat.

So I am Big Robb. I welcome you to the show. This has been a long time coming, something I tried to get started last year, but truthfully, I put myself in the way of all of it. It's something that I've wanted to do, but I just always made obstacles for myself. A little bit of my background. I worked in television and radio for about 20 years. And so there's just...

I guess I've put some self-imposed pressure on what this should be. But truthfully, I just wanted to be fun. I just wanted to have an opportunity to talk to some folks, ask them some questions, see what's going on in their lives. You know, I want to talk about the happy stuff. I want to talk about the positive stuff, but also the hidden agenda that I've always wanted to do is to dive in to see what folks do when they have those down moments as a person who deals with depression, myself and the,

Everybody does. Everybody deals with depression. Everybody has those down days. We can't always be on. If you were to ask my friends, they're like, oh yeah, Rob's always so happy. Yeah, and that's the public persona. That's the face that you put on. But I have those down days. And so I want folks to know that we're all the same when it comes to that. And you're not alone, okay? So never think that you're alone. There's other people out there, just like you, that have to put on the mask

try and get through. But you know, the freedom comes in acknowledging that that's what you're doing, that you're putting on the mask, that you are trying to put on that brave face. Sometimes we all just need to cry. Sometimes we need to have those down days, but what are you doing to keep that dark at bay so that you don't dive down so deep? Some of the things that I do is I do reach out to my friends, you know, have conversations, journal, write some things down. I consider myself very artistic

So I pour myself into creative things. I took a pottery class earlier this year Just again to find something to to focus on other than things that might weigh me down And that's the type of stuff that I want to talk about on this Podcast I've got a lineup of friends that I'll be calling I've got my fingers crossed for some of my industry Contacts to be able to talk to some folks that maybe you've heard of but I think that I think the value is in the commonality

in that you know that you are not alone. I definitely want to ask that question of the folks that come on the show is what do you do to keep the dark at bay but we'll also find about you know different things that they're involved in things that help them you know whether it's in their career or a passion project or something like that maybe it's music they're creating or art they're creating on stage or or amazing foods. I love traveling, I love food. Also going to be doing what I like to call the fast five.

That's where we ask five questions of our guest and just that first answer comes off top of your head Where that's what that's what we want. It's gonna be the fast five Got to be asking questions from my friend Travis. He's created an amazing app called pod decks and They're for podcasters. They're questions that you don't have to think of So I'll just hit that shuffle button and then I'll go right in and ask those questions seeing as this is episode zero This is about knowing about me I'm gonna ask these

five fast five questions of myself here. So the great thing about this is, I don't know what question is gonna come up on this when I hit this random button. So here we go. It's a good question. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go ahead and get it.

First question, do you have any pre-show rituals or routines? And as far as like this, as far as like getting on here, not really, I just had to psych myself up and just hit the red button. That's, if you talk to my friends and I've been talking about this, it's all about that I just haven't hit the red button yet. So for this, no. Now, if I'm on stage and I'm doing theater with one of my theater groups that I like to be a part of, yeah, I will do some pacing on stage, some breathing,

stretching and things like that. I don't have like a favorite pair of underwear that I wear anything like that for opening nights but definitely do some vocal exercises and do some stretching. I have this thing where I try and touch the floor which is not very easy for me without bending my knees and I do that by you know usually exhaling as I kind of bounce down towards being able to touch the floor. It's just something I've always done. It helps helps loosen me up and kind of gets me focused for that. So now that's my

show routine as far as like theater goes. This is gonna hit the button. Alright, number two.

What do you think will be your legacy? Wow. Man, that is a deep one way to go Travis. That is amazing question. What do I think my legacy will be? Hopefully my legacy will be light that I've brought into other people's lives. I love helping people find their passion and explore their passion. So hopefully, hopefully, um, that will be what my legacy will be for my kids. Uh, that that will be my legacy that I've inspired others to continue on and to do the things. That really make their

saying I would love that to be my legacy. All right. Number three. Sweet or salty. I'm gonna have to go salty on this one. Don't have don't have a reason I just I mean you know everybody thinks that you're a big guy. You must like a bunch of sweets. No I'm more of a salty snack guy. Love popcorn. Oh yeah that's a good one. All right.

What do you wish you had more time to do? Ooh, another great question. I probably wish I had more time to travel, to spend with friends, to entertain. There we go, more time to entertain, truthfully, because that's entertainment to me, is getting together with friends, whether it's around food or around a destination. You know, I wish I had more time to do that. That would be amazing. All right.

or under. Oh gosh, this is the last one toilet paper over or under. I'm gonna have to say toilet paper over because that's that's the way I see it most in like hotels and things like that is this like it's got the little point down right there. I suppose folks that have cats may think differently because it's easier for them to unroll that I don't know but that's just the way that I seem to seem to always do it always seem to be toilet paper over so

There you go. That's our Fast Five. That's basically what the show is going to be. I'm going to talk about stuff that's going on. I'm going to talk about what folks are doing to keep the Dark at bay, and then we'll wrap it up with a Fast Five. That's, that's it. Because that's going to be the show. Hopefully it's something that's interesting to you, something that you'll want to tune into. I'm going to plan on doing just one guest a week, drop the show on Thursdays, and we'll go from there. So hopefully you'll tune in. And, uh,

You can like, subscribe, follow. This is episode zero, so I'm not sure when this one's gonna get up. I've gotta submit it and do all that stuff in the background, but it'll be up. You can follow me, Chewing the Fat BR on Instagram and also on Twitter and Facebook, Chewing the Fat BR is where you can find me on all of those. But truthfully, it's step one. I hit the big red button. So I'm gonna release this into the wild.

Hopefully it's something that everyone will enjoy. Get a little something out of and be able to again help keep the dark at bay. No you're not alone. Now that we are here together and we're gonna do some fun and exciting things. So thank you so much for tuning in. Give me a week. Alright? Give me a week or so to get this thing started, uploaded, and then get on that regular schedule weekly. We'll drop new episodes on Thursday. So thank you so much for sticking with me this

I hope to have you back again where we can chew the fat.