March 3, 2022

Scott Brinson, Survivor, Producer, Director

Scott Brinson, Survivor, Producer, Director

Do you ever wonder how folks face challenges that are extremely difficult and extremely fearful and extremely challenging? Scott Brinson has an amazing survivor's story of finding hope in the recovery community that is sure to encourage you to get back up and keep going!

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Scott's book reccomendation - The Magnificent Heel: The Life and Films of Ricardo Cortez 


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Scott Brinson Profile Photo

Scott Brinson

Survivor, Producer, Director

Scott is a child of the 70s, survivor of the 80s, Classic Film Lover, Dark Humorist, Recovering Alcoholic, Cancer Survivor-the list goes on. The Yellow Brick Road has had some really colorful off-ramps & detours, from Va. Beach to Atlanta to Augusta to Hollywood...and back again. "You've got to climb Mt. Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls..." how dramatic we wanna get here?