Nov. 19, 2022

Sam Rogers, Philanthropist, TV Veteran, Dead Head

Sam Rogers, Philanthropist, TV Veteran, Dead Head

Stress from a job sometimes becomes more than the paycheck is worth, so you have to do something. That happened to our guest this week and he found a way to merge his love for music and doing for others into something that makes his soul sing.

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Sam Rogers

Chair, Grateful Dog Group

Born in Hartsville SC, I started in television news in 1987. After a 20+ year career, mostly as a newscast director, I ventured into retail sales, landscaping, and the medical field before landing in a position with an Aircraft maintenance and avionics shop. Married, with three dogs, I now spend a good bit of my “down” time running a nonprofit called Grateful Dog Group. Our mission is to raise funds to help offset the rising costs of animal care in our area of SC. We directly benefit three humane societies, while indirectly helping many others. What began as a one day fundraiser, Grateful Dog Festival has grown into a three day camping event with two stages of live music, vending, tie dying and all kinds of family/pet activities. In the 11 years we’ve done this event, we’ve raised over $150,000 for our humane societies.