Sept. 8, 2022

Robert Peterpaul, Actor, Writer, Podcaster

Robert Peterpaul, Actor, Writer, Podcaster

Have you ever wondered how someone can turn tragedy into something positive? My guest actor Robert Peterpaul has done just that with his podcast The Art of Kindness. Hear the story of how the kindness showed to him and his family during a very dark time became a light that he now shares with the world.

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Robert Peterpaul Profile Photo

Robert Peterpaul

Actor / Writer / Podcaster

Robert is an award-winning actor, writer and celebrity interviewer with a passion for storytelling and spreading kindness. An NJ native, he discovered his love for the arts at a young age, frequently found either: putting on shows in his living room or browsing the aisles at Blockbuster.

At age 9, Robert made his Off-Broadway debut at the York Theatre and from there was cast in the Broadway musical SEUSSICAL. He has been working in the TV/Film and theatre space ever since, being named "Connecticut's BEST ACTOR" by BroadwayWorld along the way. Some recent highlights include: IFC's KING COBRA, SONY's WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT and NEWSIES at the Westport Country Playhouse.

Robert has been a writer for almost a decade, writing for major publications and shows like: NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Screen Rant, The Huffington Post, Backstage, Writer’s Weekly and, HOLA! USA, where he worked as the Head Weekend Editor for 6 years. Throughout his career he’s been fortunate enough to interview talent like: Oscar-winner Allison Janney, Emmy-winner Sterling K. Brown, Tony-winner Kristin Chenoweth and more.

His most recent venture has been The Art of Kindness podcast, which aims to spotlight people in the entertainment industry who use their platforms to give back. The show has ranked in the top 25% of podcasts around the world, featuring guests like Meghan Trainor, Adam Scott and more. The AOK is currently streaming on The Broadway Podcast Network and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Most importantly, Robert is intent on giving back. He and his family formed the nonprofit THE THOMAS PETERPAUL FOUNDATION in honor of his late brother Thomas who passed away from cancer. TPF has helped countless pediatric cancer patients and their families since its inception. Robert notably teamed up with Novartis and spoke before congress at the US Capitol on behalf of TPF to get the CAR T Cell Therapy approved (read more in the NY Times). In addition, he works for the nonprofit WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENT, which assists women both working in and aspiring to work in the entertainment industry.

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