April 28, 2022

Michael Silvio Fortino, Actor, Comedian, Musician

Michael Silvio Fortino, Actor, Comedian, Musician

Ever wonder what it takes to go from being picked on by bullies in school to being picked on by bullies in a worldwide phenomenon Netflix series? Native son Michael Silvio Fortino talks us through that journey, landing a dream commercial with Hidden Valley Ranch, and starting his own homegrown production company, Big Brow Productions.

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Michael Silvio FortinoProfile Photo

Michael Silvio Fortino

Actor/Comedian/Musician/Artisitc Director of SCC/ CEO of Big Brow Productions

MICHAEL SILVIO FORTINO is an actor, musician, comedian and the CEO of Big Brow Productions LLC. Michael has been a performer in the CSRA for over 20 years and has been fortunate enough to be able to perform professionally in other places such as Charleston,Atlanta and New York City. Some of his Favorite CSRA performances include: Billy/Tyrone in Hand to God (Le Chat Noir), Nigel Bottom in Something Rotten (Augusta Players) Marius in Les Misérables (Le Chat Noir) Bilbo in Bilbo and the Magic Ring (Storyland Theatre),Dan in Next to Normal (Les Chatons) and Wings in John Pollono’s new play Rules of Seconds. Michael is also the Artistic Director of Schrodinger’s Cat Comedy (who hosts Extreme Theatre Games every First Friday at 8PM and 10PM) as well as the co-host of a comedy podcast “Bottle up and Explode: With Bryson and Michael” set to return in Summer of 2022. In 2021, Michael joined SAG-AFTRA. Michael’s TV/ commercial credits include: Hidden Valley Ranch, Halt and Catch Fire (AMC), The Inspectors (CBS), Dynasty(CW), The Deuce (HBO) and Ricky the Gas Station Cashier on Stranger Things(Netflix). Michael is currently represented by Barbara Garvey of East Coast Talent Agency and Jessica Alotto /Thomas Philip of Dry Blue Agency UK/USA. In April of 2022, Michael officially launched "Big Brow Productions LLC". Big Brow Production specializes in Pre Production Services such as casting, location scouting, props, costumes, writing etc. They also host live events as well as host classes and workshops. Big Brows first event is 8PM May 12th with Comedian Adam Ray. The next event also 8PM on June 11 is a night of classical and contemporary musical theatre as well as unique covers of popular songs you might now. The event features 4 up and coming performers, (Jenna Odle, Tres Taylor, Audrey Robertson, and Anissa Cordova) and we are thrilled to host both events at Le Chat Noir of Augusta.