July 15, 2021

Jason Craig, Graphic Designer, Artist

Jason Craig, Graphic Designer, Artist

Have you ever wanted to quit punching someone else's time clock and punch in for yourself? Want to know what it takes to do it as a self employed creative? On his own he has worked with clients like the Atlanta Braves, Nike, HBO, and heck he even designed my logo too! Jason Craig stops by the studio to sit a spell and chew the fat about how he changed his mindset and hasn't looked back!

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HBO's The Righteous Gemstones Stickers from Rough House Pictures 


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Jason Craig Profile Photo

Jason Craig

Senior Graphic Designer

Jason is an independent Graphic Designer and Artist located in Augusta, GA. His clients have included Nike, HBO and the Atlanta Braves. Locally he regularly partners with clients such as Stafford Nut & Bolt, Drift Raw Bar and Carole Fabrics. His mural work can be seen on walls throughout Augusta both indoors and out and is the first recipient of the Kath Girdler Engler Public Art Award for these efforts. Currently Jason is organizing the first Augusta Poster Show featuring work from creatives around the country celebrating the city of Augusta.