Aug. 26, 2021

Chris Nabholz, Podcaster, Teacher, Entrepreneur

Chris Nabholz, Podcaster, Teacher, Entrepreneur
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Do you love your hometown and are tired of hearing people put it down? Do you feel helpless to do something about it? Podcaster, and lover of Augusta, Chris Nabholz stops by to give his perspective on how you can start to be the voice of all the amazingly cool stuff going on where you are. 

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Chris NabholzProfile Photo

Chris Nabholz

CoFounder & COO of Augusta Podcasts / Co-Host of DropTheDis podcast / Elementary PE Teacher / Husband

I was Born in Brevard, NC raised in Augusta, GA. In 2015, I Graduated from Augusta University in Physical Education. I Married my college sweetheart, Audrey Nabholz, in 2019. I’ve been a hustler since high school, but co-founded my first company, Amplified Events, during my junior year of college. After leaving that successful business, my buddy (David Bash) and I cofounded a local podcast in Augusta called DropTheDis podcast. We wanted to tell the story of Augusta through the people making it an awesome city. We have over 250 episodes and counting, and I love it so much! The hustler that I am, as well as my partner David Bash, started a business called Augusta Podcasts. The business is built by podcasters for podcasters. We specialize in podcasting. Whether it be editing, production, studio space, tips, or just accountability…we are here to help you through the process. We currently just partnered with a local and regional marketing firm that we are sure will grow us to new markets!