Oct. 14, 2021

Wes Hennings, Techie, Actor, Dad

Wes Hennings, Techie, Actor, Dad

Have you ever moved away from home to pursue a job you thought you were going to love only to find out that you hate it? What would you do when you start your idyllic adult life only to be faced with a tragedy that no parent ever should? This week my friend Wes Hennings talks about being able to appreciate all the seasons of life with love and joy even when dealing with loss. 

Check out Wes' Wal-Mart pick-up stories on IG - @weshennings 

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Wes Hennings

Account Manager/Dad

Wes is a video specialist who spent more than a decade in production at Stevens Creek Church and now manages accounts for Vimeo - specializing in faith. He's been involved with local theater for years, but his primary and most beloved role now is husband to Kelly and dad to Hogan and Pippa.