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Austin Rhodes


Working in Augusta media since Fall of 1983…radio, print, TV, online.
Debuted The Austin Rhodes Show on WGAC June 30th, 1992.
4 times named “Radio Personality of the Year” by the Georgia Association of Broadcasters. Winner of more “Best of Augusta” (as voted by the readers of Augusta Magazine) awards than anyone else in media categories.
Lifelong Augustan…graduate of Westside High School…alum of Augusta College.
Proud Dad of Christine and Beau, happy husband to high school English teacher Bobbie…and “homestead wrangler” of one cat, three turtles, and as of this week, three hermit crabs.

July 21, 2022

Austin Rhodes, Talk Show Host, Actor, Dad

Have you ever wondered how someone who sits at the center of conflict to act as a moderator does it day in and day out? On the ev…

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