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Ana Xavier

Founder and CEO of The Podcast Space

Ana's superpower is the ability to help clients identify a podcast idea that accelerates their business or professional goals, establishes trust with their ideal customer, and avoids content creator overwhelm.
Originally from Portugal, Ana created her first podcast back in 2008 while completing her bachelor’s of science in communications and journalism from the University of OPorto. After a decade of experience in podcasting, broadcasting and digital marketing in Portugal, and London, UK, Ana moved to Dallas, Texas in 2016.
As a skilled podcast producer and strategist, Ana saw the opportunity to help entrepreneurs get their message across, but also to create a more meaningful impact in the world. In January 2020 she founded The Podcast Space, an online podcast consulting agency where she works specifically with female entrepreneurs who support the betterment of others and their common communities. Along the way, she mentors them to make a greater positive impact on their audience, as well as to become better hosts.
Ana and her team have helped more than 40 professionals and entrepreneurs launch and improve their podcast. And each month they help thousands more through resources available at

July 28, 2022

Ana Xavier, Founder, CEO, Podcast Strategist

Have you ever wanted to know what the American Dream looks like to someone moving to Dallas from Portugal via London? Ana Xavier …

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