March 17, 2022

Craig Casaletto, Men's Coach, Podcaster, Former Detective

Craig Casaletto, Men's Coach, Podcaster, Former Detective

What does a cold case for a police detective have to do with helping men not to become doucebags? FInd out as Craig Casaletto talks about his life as a police officer, moving to California, becoming an awesome podcaster, and being the odd man up.

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Craig CasalettoProfile Photo

Craig Casaletto

Men’s Coach / Podcaster / Retired Police Detective

Craig knows first-hand the challenges that men face when it comes to personal and professional growth. For the past 15 years, Craig has helped men lead, learn, and find success in a very fast-paced and stressful environment.

Craig has been most active on his Instagram account (@oddmanup), where he publishes daily videos providing men with daily mindset, career, and relationship advice.

You can also find him at The Next Season Podcast (formerly The White Tiger Podcast), where he speaks with professional athletes and entrepreneurs about achieving success.