June 17, 2022

Cliff Bennett, Radio Veteran, TV Host, Musician

Cliff Bennett, Radio Veteran, TV Host, Musician

Have you ever been drafted into a professional wrestling match? Attacked by a chicken?Buried alive? Hear these and more stories from behind the microphone when former Radio personality Cliff Bennett stops by for a chat and find out how he dealt with losing a career after 30 years and finding new life in front of the camera.

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Cliff Bennett Profile Photo

Cliff Bennett

Host, Morning Mix on WRDW

A lifelong resident of the CSRA, Cliff grew up in Aiken. Throughout his childhood to the present day, he has been very involved in the arts, specifically music & theatre, and has worked in area media for 30 years.
A nominee of the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship, Cliff graduated from USC-Aiken in 1995 with a double major in Theatre Arts and Broadcast Journalism, and was the first Fine Arts graduate from that school. While in school, he began his radio career at WRXR-FM (96RXR) in May of 1993, filling every position on-air until becoming Program Director with WEKL-FM (Eagle 102.3) in 1999, and later adding Program Director/Afternoons on WBBQ-FM in 2013. Cliff began working with WRDW-TV in May of 2020 as Creative Services Director, and is co-host of the new morning show "MORNING MIX".

From starting work with Wilkes Broadcasting, Beasley Broadcasting, iHeartMedia Augusta and now Gray Media, Cliff has been very active in the community; hosting numerous concerts and festivals, conducted hundreds of live broadcasts on radio and TV, performing onstage both theatrically and musically with his band “RedHeaded Stepchild”, plus 15 years supporting the Children's Hospital of Georgia as radio/TV host and 18 years performing in the annual week-long Aiken Women's Heart Board Event benefitting the American Heart Association.

Cliff resides in North Augusta with his wife of 24 years, Heidi. They have two children, Alice Rose and Christian.