Aug. 12, 2022

Ted Cheney, Experiential Nomad, Missionary, Father

Ted Cheney, Experiential Nomad, Missionary, Father

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be arrested by the KGB for taking pictures of ducks? It happened to our guest Ted Cheney and he tells us about the lessons he learned from that and more while he lived in russia for eight years to run an orphanage.

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Ted Cheney

Dad, Adventurer, Storyteller, Friend, Humanitarian

Ask Ted where he’s from, and he will tell you that he’s truly an American. That’s because he lived in 10 different states before graduating high school. He’s lived everywhere and done everything. He started as a lifeguard in the desert. He’s been called a product manager for a host of Apple developers, including the company that has gotten a license from Apple to build the first multi-processor macOS computer. For nearly eight years, Ted, his wife, and two young daughters lived and worked in a Russian orphanage in Moscow. He was the director of that orphanage for the last six years. He’s done a stint as the executive director for a male juvenile drug rehabilitation center housed in a log cabin on a multi-acre Christmas tree farm. In college, Ted fell in love with organic chemistry. There was part of a drug research lab that was working on anti-viral approaches to combatting that initial wave in the battle against AIDS. A couple of years ago, Ted returned to college and earned an economics degree to satiate his interest in behavioral economics and its impact on business-to-business sales and marketing campaigns. On any given day, ask Ted what he loves, and he will gush about his wife, two daughters, his grandson, stories about them, the friends he’s made, his laid-back and impromptu adventures that span five continents, several oceans, lots of seas, and even a ditch that he would like to forget.