Aug. 12, 2021

Duane Brown, Maverick Filmmaker, Writer, Lightcatcher

Duane Brown, Maverick Filmmaker, Writer, Lightcatcher
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The 7th Annual Black Cat Picture Show Film Festival is coming and one of its founders, Duane Brown, stops by to chew the fat. We get in to all things film festival including a partnership with A24 Films to bring The Green Knight to the festival screen, when to expect the release of his feature film, creativity born out of divorce, and more.

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Black Cat Picture Show Film Festival: Website - 

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BCPS on Instagram - @blackcatpictureshow 

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The Great Kentucky Goblin Spree 

Wages of Cine 

My Interview with Duane about his son Atticus 


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Duane BrownProfile Photo

Duane Brown

Writer / Director / Maverick Filmmaker / Lightcatcher

Duane is co-founder of the Black Cat Picture Show, an international film festival held annually at Le Chat Noir in downtown Augusta, GA. He's an award winning filmmaker, the author of One Time, I Fell Asleep... and has had his work performed off Broadway in NYC.