Sept. 29, 2022

David Bash, Podcaster, Speaker, Entrepreneur

David Bash, Podcaster, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Have you ever moved somewhere new that felt more like home than where you grew up? David Bash sits a spell to talk about how he came to love Augusta and feeling the responsibility to help drop its unsavory nickname.

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David Bash


Originally from Baton Rouge, David has lived in Augusta Georgia for over two decades. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from Augusta University in political science with a concentration in legal studies and a minor in marketing in 2017 and a Masters of Public Administration from Augusta University in 2022 with a Certificate in Nonprofit Management. In 2019, David and fellow AU alumnus, Chris Nabholz, started the DropTheDis podcast to shed light on the positive things going on in Augusta. In 2020, based on their experiences and challenges in running and growing their own show, they opened their first studio in Downtown Augusta to officially launch Augusta Podcasts, LLC to help other people do the same.
Now, David continues to host his podcast and he is also the CEO and Executive Producer / Lead Editor of Get Up Productions, an extension of Augusta Podcasts that has a national footprint and specializes in editing content and helping shows grow. They work with businesses, individuals, and other podcast companies to help people not only achieve their goals as content creators, but to utilize that content to grow their online presence.